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About Sealing

Sealing technology used in the fluid are important risk factors which the safety of the system. Failures and errors that may occur in the sealing element causes it to lose its efficiency and reliability of the system. According to the application instead of sealing elements are divided into two groups, namely static or dynamic. Static used elements provide a seal between two fixed parts. Static seals structural, physical, temperature, etc. due to factors such as their are classified between. Dynamic elements are seal the fluid between the moving parts. Elements for still dynamic sealing, structural, physical, temperature, fluid type, etc. due to factors such as their are classified between. Dynamic elements are manufactured in two groups for radio and axial sealing. İŞLER KAUÇUK as our main production program focuses on elestromer products. The elastomer material has a short charge and pressure on the physical structure to receive and memory protection feature. This product of the manufacturing process and manufacture of products in a very laborious and requires technical knowledge so. Where many are of great importance for the correct choice of materials and tolerances used product. They may otherwise cause serious system failures and unexpected results. Manufacturers should be discussed with the company prior to the selection of the right of the seal. However, choosing the right staff with the help of the company's industry knowledge and experience in design, more accurate information can be obtained about tolerance and application techniques.


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